Guess who was at the bus stop and decided it was too hot to be outside without a parasol so she went back to her room and hastily coorded a cult party outfit juST TO GO WITH THE PARASOL

I visited the white people be like tag and it first it was funny but then I got heated bc I forgot that some white people are real racist lol


Got some cute new socks hihi *:・゚✧

super speedy 10mn doodle!
Worked through the night on this skirt for my 3D class and I think it really payed off *\(^o^)/*

♥ An outfit for meeting up with a friend tomorrow.  I might wear my thick lavender stockings underneath the lace tights instead. ♥

Parka, Hairties: Angelic PrettyJSK, Headbow: MetamorphoseShort Socks: Innocent WorldShoes, Necklace: BodylineTights, Gloves, Other: Offbrand

I’m obsessing with lingerie and alien babes


I want 0 responsibilities and a lot of lingerie

I am listening to G-Dragon while there’s a relaxing HD ocean video on and it is so weird guys omg

My school friends consist mostly of:

Somehow I’m not surprised


A better photo of my headdress. I really think fluffy might be my new favorite description of accessories…

Made with cotton laces and cotton/poly lace, velvet hydrangeas, and plastic pearls on a middleweight linen base.

Information about purchasing it is coming up. 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

Outfit detail. ☆ I love my new “I want blood, guts and angelcake” pin, made by marvelous pastelbat ! You can get a similar one at ~