I drew my girlfriend :)

behold my boyfriend’s magical arting powers

choco draik ♡

✿ we’re all mad here ✿
Anonymous whispered: Weird question but do you have any eyebrow tutorials.

I don’t! I don’t really do anything special. I use eyeliner/eyeshadow to fill them in?

Anonymous whispered: coffee or tea?


Anonymous whispered: do you like marina and the diamonds? if so (or if not) please explain.

I do actually! Shes gr8.

Anonymous whispered: how can i just make people understand that I DON'T like boys and I DON'T like girls? Everyone assumes just cause im a gal i like boys, when i say i dont, they say im a lesbian. now i have no problem with boys or girls, but i dont want to be in relationships. i dont get crushes. how do i make people understand?

Let them know you’re asexual/aromantic?


aaaaaa I’m annoyed because it’s autumn soon and I don’t really like autumn much BUT!! at least finally it’s cool enough to wear darker colours+wigs outside! but then again, too cold for bare legs…. smh @ the weather 4ever

Oh hey guys, Im pretty excited about drawing Batgirl I dont know if you could tell…