​Comet got new eyes. They’re a little more pink looking irl than in the photo on etsy, where they were a lot more purple looking. Oh well. They’re kinda temp. (Still waiting on soom eyes).
And yeps, he has pigtails XD ❤️
Cult Party again! Might post more pics later because I love this coord (*^◯^*)

I plan to do all these things! :’D

What I wore today out shopping! 
Jsk: Angelic Pretty A La Carte Tea Time
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Boots: Baby The Stars Shine Bright Judy Ribbon
Accessories: Angelic Pretty/Offbrand

Been a while since I’ve posted here heh
I caught site of tumblr user thehijabilolita two nights ago and well, she was just too cute patoots that I had to draw her

here, have an idol mary to celebrate mekakucity actors!!
ai always reminded me of mary because they’re both really fluffy so i spent 2 days making this.
traced from here!!

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Me and Jeffery were serving morbid antique doll realness at the mall today.