Anonymous whispered: lmao stop being so beautiful or teach me your secrets. xD

dandyhernandy whispered: Your drawing looks amazing! And I remember my Color Theory class.... I hated it.

r i g h t! This is the second time im taking it because I dropped it last year lolol

Beginning of my painting for Color Theory uwu

Jing Wen and Sofiya Shelyekhova in "Under Your Spell" by Joel Lim for Elle Singapore September 2013

What's This? by Fall Out Boy

a big stupid idiot crush

yes i do

Princess Bubblegum in Angelic Pretty!!

On Wednesdays we wear pink! Felt like a Barbie doll ♡


A movie about a bunch of cute lolitas running a huge drug cartel in order to afford their clothes


Elizabeth at the fashion show, so cute! <3
picture by daniel ahlberg